About us

Esrum Abbey & Millfarm is an independent foundation whose task is to disseminate the culture of and natural history of the building and it’s surroundings.

Esrum Abbey consists of a audience division, a production division and the administration.

You will as participant most likely have contact with the audience- and production division.

Project Manager for Esrum Medieval Days 2017. Katrine de Waal- katrine@esrum.dk

Responsible for shows: Vibeke Cavling Clausen – vibeke@esrum.dk

Responsible for activities and volunteers: Katrine De Waal – katrine@esrum.dk

Responsible for catering: Lisbeth Møenbak – lisbeth@esrum.dk

Responsible for communication and marketing: Kristina Bille – kristina@esrum.dk

Head of the production division: Lars Ulfborg – lars@esrum.dk

Production: Jean Brua Hansen – jean@esrum.dk

Production: Christian Lytton – cl@esrum.dk

Otherwise Esrum Abbey consists, among others, of CEO Arne Kvist Rønnest and head of the audience divison Helle Simonsen.